Thursday, November 1, 2007


The typical subjects on which Warli Art is done are :

  • Festival
  • Harvest
  • Folk story
  • Celebration
  • Temple Marriage

    The major highlight is these all have people in group dipecting the social life.

    Patterns of Warli Paintings

    It basically consists of geometrical patterns

    Circle: representing the sun and the moon

    Triangle: triangle derived from mountains and pointed trees

    Square: indicating a sacred enclosure or a piece of land. So the central motive in each ritual painting is the square

    These geometric figures are joined together to form beautiful patterns .Like two apex of triangles are joined together to form a human figure.

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    Neha Gupta said...

    Warli Paintings are characterized by the simple style employed to say the profoundest things. Warli PaintingThe use of color is restricted to a stark white against earthen backgrounds.The monochromatic tribal paintings express various folk imaginations, beliefs and customs. The whims and moods of tribal life make for interesting themes, which is why Warli Paintings are much more than designs on walls, they are authentic depictions of a way of life. If you want to know more about about Indian traditional paintings, visit Indian Art Ideas.